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Advertising Rates

The Londonderry Times, Nutfield News and Tri-Town Times are the best way to reach the entire towns of Londonderry, Derry, Chester, Sandown and Hampstead, New Hampshire. Our weekly community newspapers are mailed free of charge and have controlled circulation of more than 28,000 copies. We provide full advertising setup services to make your advertisement as attractive as you would like. Click the following link below to download the 2014 Rate Card PDF:
NP-Rate Card-2016


Preprinted Insert Rates (CPM)
Call for Rates for they vary on weight, frequency and zones.

Preprint Insert Guidelines:

  1. Reservations should be made not less than fourteen (14) days in advance of the scheduled date.First come first served on reservation basis.
  2. Materials must be delivered freight pre-paid to our printer (call for shipping information) not less than 3-5 days prior to scheduled insertion.
  3. Zoning information available upon request.

Classified Ads
$1.00 a word with a 15 word minimum, to run in all three publications.

Bold type, Italicized, Centered copy are an additional charge of a $1.00 each.
Caps, Underlining and Dingbats .50 each.

Deadline for classified ads is 3:00 p.m. Monday for that week’s publication, all line ads must be pre-paid.

Display Classified Ads                                                                                               $22 pci
Ad runs in all three publications.

Guaranteed/Preferred Placement
An additional charge of 25% over the cost of the ad will be added to the overall cost for placement on specific pages or places in the paper.

Mechanical Measurments
Pages are 6 columns wide (10.25″) by 13 inches deep. Offset printing process. Halftones 85 lines preferred. JPGs at highest resolution, lowest compression. Digital camera images width of at least 1,000 pixels (@150 dpi resolution).

Camera Ready: Monday at 4 p.m. the week of publication.(Monday at 10 a.m. non-agency artwork)

Non-Camera Ready: Thursday at 12 p.m. the week prior to publication.

NOTE:  All ads requiring a PROOF must be at the office one full working day prior to normal deadline.

Advertising Policy
Advertisers should check their ads the first day of publication. We will not be held liable for typographical errors except for the portion of the ad that ran incorrectly on the first day of publication. We reserve the right to withhold publication of any advertisement and assume no responsibility for ads accidentally omitted. We reserve the right to edit and determine the proper classification for all advertisements. Legal and Political Advertising – Open Rates Apply.


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Terms of Payment

Composition Charges

It is agreed that these newspapers shall not be liable for failure to print, publish or distribute all or any portion of an issue in which an advertisement is to appear, if such a failure is caused by circumstances beyond the control of these newspapers. These newspapers will not be liable by a reason of error, for which it may be responsible, beyond the actual space occupied by the item in which the error occurred. In case of typographical errors or omissions, these newspapers shall not be liable. These newspapers shall be under no liability for failure for any reason to insert an advertisement. Advertisements submitted after the deadline for proof service are submitted at the advertiser’s own risk and these newspapers shall assume no liability for errors or omissions in such advertisements. These newspapers make every effort to provide desired placement, but in no instance can this be guaranteed, unless the Guaranteed/Preferred Placement charge is paid for.